is a collection of photo albums with pictures taken in my free time with a Canon EOS digital SLR camera. Those photographs are the main part of this photography website. It also contains some freelance graphic & webdesign and a bit of automotive design work out of my professional career as a designer.

Have a look at the photos and enjoy yourself!

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  • Sandy & Tom

    New album NEW Sandy & Tom new album | dec 2009

    Starting off under a dark grey sky, it turned out to be a beautiful day for Sandy & Tom at Opwijk. We had a nice shoot at the 'Nationale Plantentuin van België', the 'National Bontanic Garden of Belgium', at Meise, Brussels.

  • Alike & Benjamin

    New album Alike & Benjamin new album | aug 2009

    Quite unexpectedly -the evening before!- I was asked to shoot the wedding of Alike & Benjamin in the charming city of Ghent with its late Gothic city hall.

  • USA 2008

    New album USA 2008 new album | feb 2009

    From New York to Boston, Cambridge, Sturbridge, Newburgh, Lancaster, Cincinnati, Springfield -we didn't notice Homer Simpson-, Dry Ridge, Washington and finally back to the Big Apple. A three week trip in the land of the free and the home of the brave by plane, train & automobile.

  • News Thumbnailsnews | nov 2008-jan 2009

    Addressing some criticism early user feedback, I've put a priority on adding the thumbnail pages for each album again. Adinda & Paul -see one entry below- is the first. The other albums will follow in the coming days.

    update >

    I had to interrupt the work because of a trip to Japan, but all albums have a thumbnail page again. Next on the to do list is adding the portfolio albums.

    update 2 >

    In the meantime most of the portfolio has been uploaded. The biggest part of the overhaul -updating all the albums & building a portfolio from scratch- is nearing completion. Working on a big, new album now.

  • Adinda & Paul

    New album NEW Adinda & Paul new album | nov 2008

    Make a stop at the wedding of Miss Metal 2009 Adinda & Paul.

  • Andalusia

    New album NEW Andalusia new album | nov 2008

    Granada, Murcia, Ronda, Cadiz ... : Andalusia is known for its Moorish architecture. Notable examples include the Alhambra in Granada. Three weeks full of tapas in the south of Spain.

  • Jochen Schollaert

    News Work in Progress | nov 2008

    Finally. After a one year and a half long hiatus is getting a complete make over. At first my idea was to just weed through the big pile of pictures taken but I couldn't stop myself from tampering with the source code too. Secondly, I've switched to the Mac side of life and had to give up some programs to maintain

    To make a long story short: it will be a very long story. What's happening so far:

    • albums & equipment have been updated
    • portfolio has been cleaned and is waiting for the update
    • underlaying source code revised, new CSS 3 features implemented & Lightbox integrated
    • styling is bit by bit, piece by piece getting a face lift
    Especially the last point will take its time as it involves lots of testing in Firefox, Safari & Internet Explorer. I'd say: stop by in a few days weeks to check out the final result.